Mark Perry is comprised of a team of furniture specialists with vast knowledge and experience in commercial furniture. Our extensive product range allows to cater to a wide range of market segments including education, government, hospitality, healthcare, aged care and the private sector.

We are dedicated to achieving your satisfaction from our first communication with you, right through to amazing after sales service. We work closely with our clients to achieve the best work space possible, and no job is too big or too small.


Our talented professional staff have extensive knowledge in ergonomics, design and layout. We assist our clients in selecting furniture that will work to their requirements and budget.

With more than 30 years experience in ergonomics and manufacturing, Mark Perry products are of high quality, providing excellent value, reliability, comfort and design aesthetics.


Mark Perry’s Environmental Policy applies to the supply and assembly of office furniture at the Campbellfield Head office and delivery to corporate customers around Victoria.
Mark Perry Commercial Furniture recognises the importance of sustainability and reducing its environmental footprint. This policy recognises several activities undertaken by the
company to help reduce our environmental impact.

These activities include:
• Recycling of paper, glass & plastic
• Prevention of pollution to the air, soil and waterways
• Tracking Vehicle usage to prevent unnecessary consumption.
• Reducing water and electricity consumption wherever possible
• Reduction of waste through effective operations and procedures
• The willingness to get involved in client Eco Planning
• The willingness to seek and review new environmental programs
• Ensuring compliance with all Legal and other requirements such as EPA legislation and customer requirements by performing in depth tender review and keeping up to date with industry and regulatory bulletins.

Our aspects and impact assessment is used to determine our significant impacts and define our objectives and targets. This information can be found in our HSE Management System.
Mark Perry Commercial Furniture is 100% in support of its client’s environmental programs. We will endeavour at all times to apply continual improvement to this policy and our systems through ongoing analysis and improvement of procedures, investigation of new products and assembly methods and review of route management to ensure minimal fuel consumption
and carbon emissions.

This policy will be reviewed at least annually or as required as the business grows and evolves. This policy will be available upon request by the public as well as on our website. Mark Perry is ISO14001 Environment Management System accredited.


Mark Perry Commercial Furniture is committed to the principles of honesty and openness when dealing with customers and to compliance with all relevant government legislation, regulations and
respective standards.

To ensure Mark Perry Commercial Furniture grows at a controlled rate and continues to meet contractual obligations, we undertake planning for which performance indicators are established and
regularly reviewed. These quality objectives are formally reviewed during management review meetings and, more regularly, during operational meetings.

Management is dedicated to the philosophy of continual improvement. To support this philosophy and maintain its high reputation, we have developed and implemented an Integrated Management
System which complies with the Australian and International Standards, AS/NZS ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Moreover, Mark Perry Commercial Furniture will achieve and maintain third party certification to these Standards assuring our customers of our commitment to provide a quality service, safely while
ensuring a sustainable environment.

To ensure customers’ expectations are met through the highest standards of workmanship, all subcontractors are selected on their ability to complete their tasks effectively, on time and within budget.
Mark Perry Commercial Furniture ensures through ongoing training, that management and employees remain aware of the latest developments in their field of expertise, have adequate resources to
conduct business effectively, fully understand the requirements of the Integrated Management System and implement the documented policies and procedures in their workplace.

Management fully endorses this Quality Policy and the Integrated Management System that has been implemented. It is the responsibility of all employees to ensure it is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels within the Company. This policy will be reviewed at least annually or as required as the business grows and evolves. This policy will be available upon request.


Markperry is committed to support the health, safety, and welfare of all people we employ and to the
people affected by our undertakings.
Markperry continuously supports improvements of workplace health and safety by adopting a
planned systematic approach to Occupational Health and Safety. This approach includes risk
management and consultation.

As part of our overall commitment Markperry is committed to:
• Complying with all relevant OH&S legislation, regulations, codes of practice, and guidelines;
• Establishing measurable objectives and targets aimed at eliminating work related injury and illnesses;
• Documenting, implementing and communicating Work Health & Safety policy to all employees;
• Regularly monitoring and revising our policy in accordance with legislative and organisational changes or as appropriate.
• Provide adequate training, information, instruction and supervision to all employees and visitors to ensure work is carried out safely
• Ensure all accidents, hazards and near misses are recorded and reported and an investigation is carried out to determine possible causes.
• Maintain a safe working environment by reporting hazards or unsafe work practices in a prompt manner to their manager or supervisor.
• Report all workplace injuries, near misses and illnesses caused by work immediately to your manager