Stiwood is an up-and-coming dynamic company that belongs to the Twins Group, one of the world’s foremost chair component manufacturing groups.

Stiwood’s art is to bring ideas to life in the curving of wood. Close collaboration with designers and expert die-cutters; help develop impressions and enables Stiwood to give customers the best possible support.

Starting from personal ideas, Stiwood create the prototype and the die, after which they proceed to the pre-series production phase: the curve takes shape, the shape of your sensations.

Stiwood’s world is the world of the chair, but they do not lose sight of the other furnishing elements that add to the decor. Stiwood’s expert hands only process materials of the highest quality woods that take on the shapes of customers designs.

Stiwood elaborates your sensations to give you the thrill that only a Stiwood product can give.