Thinking Works

The Thinking Works adventure began in 1984, when we arrived on the scene as the first designer and manufacturer of height-adjustable desks in Australia. We quickly established ourselves as the commercial furniture company who combined exceptional quality with ingenious creativity.

Ever since, this inspired mix of eye-catching aesthetics (the ‘beauty’) and intelligent design (the ‘brains’) has formed the lifeblood of all we do. And it’s seen this born-and-bred Australian company earn international awards, global recognition, and inclusion in commercial work installations around the world.

So, what can you expect to find when you peek behind the ThinkingWorks curtain and discover the creations of our pioneering design team?  Of course, there are innovative products aplenty. But just as importantly, you’ll find Thinking Solutions – a satellite design team within our R+D Department, with a mission to identify clever solutions to every design problem encountered by our clients (even ones they don’t know about).

From height-adjustable workstations and smart table programs, to acoustic furniture, quirky seating solutions, and convenient add-ons like power-boxes and monitor arms, our furniture is designed to solve problems in the most beautiful, practical and sustainable of ways.

We are also passionately committed to minimising our environmental impact. How? By ensuring that any carbon we produce is offset through the purchase of carbon credits, invested in the development of sustainable energy plants in third world countries.  And by designing our products using Life Cycle Assessments and Finite Element Analysis, so the materials used in their manufacture are sustainable, with no excess material in the manufacturing process.

Above all, we are curious. Why curious? Because curiosity finds new ways. It strives for novel ideas and seeks out better solutions. For the curious, the answers are out there, waiting to be found. At ThinkingWorks, this open-minded curiosity is what underpins our approach to furniture.

Eager to share our curiosity with the world, ThinkingWorks is proud to have a truly global presence within the commercial furniture industry, with our products available for purchase in markets across Asia and Europe, in addition to Australia and New Zealand. We also have showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne and London; pay us a visit and we’ll share our curiosity with you.

Because life’s more fun when you’re curious.