Fuel Power box


• 4 outlet GPO supplied as standard with all models.
• 25mm square cutouts for CAT5 and CAT6 data point installation.
• Adjustable mounting plates to suit worktop thicknesses ranging from 12mm to 50mm.
• Removable floor panel provides for access from underneath.
• Customisable to suit points for Phone, AV, USB and more.
• Available in 3 models/sizes – Fuel 91, Fuel 95 and Fuel 98.
• Fuel 98 is specially designed to fit over Thinking works table frames such as I.AM and UR with central rail.

Additional Info

• 3 year warranty.
• Lead time: 3-4 weeks.

Fuel 90
Dimensions: 410mmD x 92mmW x 138mmH
Cutout: 400mmL x 82mmW

Fuel 91
Dimensions: 1000mmL x 92mmW x 138mmH
Cutout: 990mmL x 82mmW

Fuel 95:
Dimensions: 310mmL x 175mmW x 138mmD
Cutout: 300mmW x 165mmW

Fuel 98
Dimensions: 410mmL x 220mmW x 138mmD
Cutout: 400mmL x 210mmW

Designer & Brand
for Thinking Works